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There is always a chance of exposure to political risk while doing business in a developing country. Irrespective of your type of business, political risk insurance maintains reduced exposure to political risk which is a key to a successful global business today.


Types of Political Risks Covered


  • Political violence
  • Non – payment by the government
  • Breach of contract
  • Restriction of foreign transfer by the central government
  • Political barriers on repossession of physical assets in foreign land
  • Creeping or outright expropriation
  • Restrictions to a conversion of currency during an economic crisis


6 Reasons to Purchase Political Risk Insurance


  1. It provides protection to your assets overseas from political risks like war, terrorism, illegal seizure of assets by the government and many more

  2. Political risk insurance makes your foreign venture look more secure and attractive to potential investors and banks

  3. It provides protection to loans or investments in foreign subsidiaries and joint ventures

  4. Protects from several other risks like political violence, non – payment by the government, political risks arising from a sudden economic crisis and many more.

  5. Customized coverage can be tailored to your needs after considering various different factors like business industry or a specific investment or a transaction

  6. Political risk insurance costs start as low as 0.5% per annum for insuring one type of political risk and discounts will be provided on insuring more than one type of political risk.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. For assets – Assets must be physical like inventory or machinery and complete ownership of the assets must be possessed

  2. For equity – Equity must be invested in a sales office, warehouse or a plant in the emerging market and controlling interest must be owned in the foreign affiliate.

  3. For bank loan – Loan must be taken on a commercial entity that supports Canadian exports or Canadian foreign investments.

  4. For sovereign government – Loans must be made to a government in an emerging market and should be done in favour of Canada.

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