Auto Shield's Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP Insurance)


Help safeguard customers with Guaranteed Asset Protection to protect them from unexpected curve balls—like an accident that’s considered a write-off, or an unrecovered theft—leaves them in a negative equity situation because their insurance provider will not cover the amount owing on the vehicle.


Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP Insurance) is the only insurance that can protect them, with benefits including:


  • Coverage for up to 7 years
  • Available for loans up to $100,000
  • Covers negative equity shortfall
  • Pay-out based on amount financed, not black-book value
  • Covers primary auto insurance deductible 
  • Originating Dealer Loyalty Bonus


Traditional GAP Insurance


Traditional GAP Insurance provides the first layer of protection

  • Covers the shortfall between the remaining loan balance on the vehicle and the settlement you may receive from your insurance company. This essentially puts you in a break-even situation but you will still need to replace your vehicle.


GAP Insurance Replacement Finance


GAP Insurance Replacement provides the first layer of protection and provides a replacement subsidy.

  • Covers the shortfall between the remaining loan balance on the vehicle and the settlement you may receive from your insurance company and provides a credit towards the purchase of the same or similar vehicle that you originally purchased.


GAP Insurance Return to Invoice Leases


Gap Insurance Return to Invoice pays the difference between the insurance marketplace value at the time of loss and the original invoice price on the amount of the outstanding contract. Whichever is higher.  

  • Covers the financial difference between the insured value and the purchased price of the insured vehicle as confirmed by the net invoice price, or if greater the amount of the buyout (early settlement figure


GAP Insurance Deferred Leases or Finance


GAP Insurance Deferred coverage starts after the coverage in place for (Waiver of Depreciation) through the motor vehicles insurance has expired.

  • Coverage will be an add-on to existing replacement or return to invoice depending on if it is a lease or a finance


Please refer to your service contract for specific terms & conditions of coverage or contact us.


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